Trusted Sperm Donation Site

It only occurred to me today having spoken to a couple of women keen to find out more about my rogue route, that I should share where I found my wonderful ‘Mr Stork’.  While I did jump on a few donor sites when I first started looking I actually found one Facebook Group to be the best.

The Facebook Group I used is Sperm Donation Australia.  If you do a search you will likely see two.  The only one I recommend is the one where Adam Hooper who is based in Perth is the admin.  He has managed this group for a handful of years now and runs it with the upmost respect and decorum.  He’s created a wonderful community and there is a tonne of support here as well as many men willing to help others out. I promise you’ll feel comfortable here!

Adam had helped a handful of families out over the years and has created a safe space for both donors and recipients.

Please join SDA at this addy:

All the best and lots of baby dust to you!

Hayley x




While the details aren’t quite correct and my donor is definitely not Dave (or he could be?!), I’m always grateful to be able to share my story to inspire others.  Thanks That’s Life for getting in touch and allowing me this space to spread the word!  And yep you betcha, I LOVE being a mum to my precious little one. x