‘Desperately Seeking Semen’ (DSS) is about an everyday woman that refused to accept that she couldn’t be a mother because she was single and classified “medically infertile” under the IVF banner.  She went ‘rogue’ as she says, carving out her own path which put her on a massive eye-opening learning curve and had her fall pregnant with the help of a stranger on her first attempt.

That then stranger, now friend and donor daddy to be, not only instantly helped turn her supposed middle-aged infertility on its head, he assisted in eliminating further financial torment and emotional anguish by generously handing over the gift of life for free.

DSS is an ideal read for single women who are rushing to beat their biological clocks, transgender and same-sex couples who desperately need sperm to make a baby.

  • It shows want to be mothers how they too can safely and successfully follow this path
  • Offers insight into the minds of known donors and their reasons for assisting strangers
  • How important it is to know and understand your body’s cycles intimately
  • Prepare your body for reproduction
  • A break down of insemination techniques
  • Alternative solutions to assist you in getting pregnant
  • Information on tried and tested products
  • Loads of legal information, contracts and an overview of donor cases
  • How to find the right donor for you
  • Expert and specialist advice
  • Excerpts and stories from women who too have followed this path
  • Loads of resources to support you on your own baby making journey
  • Why this alternative emotional, financial and spiritual alternative could be your natural breakthrough to having a child